Our Mission

We are actively looking to help more people understand how simple it can be, to achieve results in weight management / fitness improvement.
Be part of the 1000 people to get fitter, healthier and happier with US!

            POWER #1 - Exercise











20% Exercise

We run group workouts ranging from low to high intensity on the weekdays. offering a platform for people to exercise in groups, get motivated, inspired and push themselves to their limits.

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            POWER #2 - Nutrition











80% Nutrition

We place a huge part of focus on one's nutritional intake.

Why? Reason is simple, without balanced nutrition, and calories control, no amount of exercise can help one get in shape. 

What you eat during the day, before and after an exercise session, is the key to getting in shape and achieving fitness improvement.

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            POWER #3 - Coaching











100% Mindset (Coaching)

This is our assurance to guaranteed results. Passionate coaches will offer wellness evaluation and guidance to all "challengers" who are willing to take up the challenge, to transform and get into better shape.


Coaches follow through the challengers in their journey of transformation, with motivation and inspiration. 

Get Coached Now!