X-Fitness (Mon 7pm)

An "Amazing Race" inspired workout.
A 3.5km run around the Marina Bay area with 6 workout missions within the run.


Available in 3 different intensity catered for all fitness level. You can choose from;
   EASY - Beginners, relax pace of run with light intensity activity.
   FAST - Regulars, slightly faster pace of run with regular intensity              activities. 
   STRONG - Challengers, much faster pace of run with high                     intensity activities.


A super fun-filled workout with several surprise element, which makes the workout exciting and unexpected. Great for stamina and strength boost, and sure burn hell lots of calories and fats!

Yoga (Mon 7pm)
Yoga with Coach Yvonne on every wednesday.

With over 4 years of mentoring and teaching, this session offers a good stretching, breathing and relaxation. Coach Yvonne also conducts Core Yoga on the Last week of every month.

*Bring your own yoga matt
*$2 matt rental available if needed
Piloxing (Tues 12.30pm)
Coach Chris will get you moving from top to bottom in this exciting and engaging workout!

Piloxing is a combination of Kick-Boxing, Dance and Pilates! Worth giving it a try!!
Kick Boxing (Thurs 12.30pm)

A 40min power lunch workout. This season, we are doing Kick-boxing with Coach Daryl.


Kicks, punches, steps and defence, engage in this exciting workout to help burn the fats away!

X-Circuit (Thurs 7pm)

Circuit Training Focus on training up core strength and muscle power.

Using body weight, and effective workout regime, which includes HIIT and static workout, Challengers can effectively burn body fats, improve on muscle strength and tone up.


One of the highly addictive fitclub that received several positive feedbacks from challengers. A Must Try to challenge your limit!

Dance Fitness (Thur 7pm)

One of the highlights of the fitclub. A 60min fun dance fitness workout that includes a fusion of KpopX Fitness, Hip Hop & Zumba! 

No need for dance background, just have fun moving along with the music and the coaches!

Every Thursday is a mega dance experience with over 40 - 50 partcipants on average. 

Dance dance dance, burn burn burn!